ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference Summary (Part 2)

There was a buzz on the show floor during exhibit hall hours at the ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference. The organizers kept the hall open during times when there weren’t any formal conference sessions scheduled. This concentrated timeframe gave exhibitors greater access to the contact center professionals in attendance, keeping them constantly busy discussing their solutions. In this second part of our coverage, we examined the perspectives of PSS Help, Salesforce Service Cloud and TCN.


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Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews - Part II

One of the key measurements of success in any contact center environment is achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction. Businesses are increasing their use of sophisticated knowledge management tools, behavioral analytics, and contact center technologies to better engage their customers while improving agent performance and productivity.  Companies are seeking solutions that offer ease of implementation, flexibility and the potential for rapid ROI.  In this report on emerging...

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Solution Providers Take a Closer Look at the Key Factors Governing the Adoption of Cloud Contact Center Technology

For most organizations, the key questions about moving their contact centers to the cloud are “When can we do it?” and “How can it best be accomplished?” as opposed to “Is it the right step?” But even in a business environment where companies are striving to meet rising customer expectations for responsive service on any channel they choose and looking to increase flexibility and agility, practical questions on logistics, costs and capabilities must be addressed before organizations make a...

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Helping Companies Meet the Challenge of Providing New Ways to Connect with Customers

SpeechTEK/CRMEvolution/Customer Service Experience Review #1

In an effort to better communicate with attendees of their multifaceted event held August 19-21, 2013 in New York, InfoToday took a new direction to summarize the diverse products and services being showcased on the exhibit floor. While SpeechTEK, CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience retained their identities as separate educational programs, the organizers rebranded the exhibit hall under the umbrella title “Customer...

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What's New at Call Center Week 2013


Acknowledged as one of the industry’s influential events, Call Center Week took place in Las Vegas June 10-14. Approximately 1,500 contact center professionals (including expert personnel over 125 exhibitors) convened at Caesars Palace to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities in the field, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad range of industries.  Multi-channel solutions, analytics, voice of the customer measurement, mobile...

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Call Center Week - Review of Solutions

The main topics of interest at the IQPC Call Center Week Las Vegas were ‘cloud’ and ‘multi-channel’.  Attendees were also concerned with the use of social media.

How customers connect to companies is evolving.  Customers want to connect on their own terms with the channel that suites them best.  Vendors are attempting to respond to the customer’s needs with a variety of new solutions.  Below is a recap of exciting technologies and solutions that were at the event.

360'CRM   is a full spectrum CRM...

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Basic Featured of Unified Desktop

Features commonly provided by unified desktop solutions are as follows:

Single login/logout - Once the agent logs into the application they have unified access to multiple applications. There is no need to log in and out to access data bases or other applications.

Pre-populated screen pops - Unified desktops rely on the CRM as well as other sources, such as IVR entries and data gleaned from enterprise data bases to fully populate screens before the agent takes the call. All unified desktops pop...

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Unified Desktop

These devices are variously called, "smart desktops," "intelligent desktops," "universal desktops," and "unified desktops."  However, all these products seek to condense required call processing information onto a single desktop application and organize the sequencing of screens to coincide with workflow. For ease of communication we will use the term "unified desktops."Demand for these products is still in the formative stages but growing rapidly. Behind the interest is the same fundamental...

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Speech, Performance, Desktop and Text Analytics The Case for Unified Analytics in the Contact Center

With the advent of analytics in the contact center over the past decade, the industry has experienced unprecedented gains in operational productivity and customer service. Typically deployed as part of a workforce optimization (WFO) solution, analytics is a primary driver of performance and quality monitoring improvements. Analytics provides an objective means by which to identify where opportunities for improvement exist while providing a pathway for executing on those opportunities.


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Market Demand for Analytics

The first decade has seen steady growth in market demand for analytics solutionsof all descriptions as evidenced by the results of the annual survey of contact center end-users conducted by Saddletree Research in conjunction with the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). An offshoot of the Call Center Lab at The University of Southern Mississippi, the not-for-profit NACC conducts surveys of its members and newsletter subscribers in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry...

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Capabilities Missing from CRM solutions

A great deal has changed in the contact center and CRM technology landscape in the past ten years, and most companies lag way behind in taking advantage of new functionality. An obvious example is social media. DMG Consulting estimates that more than 93% of existing servicing/CRM applications do not have the ability to access, route, queue and respond to social media interactions. However, this is not the only capability missing from servicing/CRM solutions. Unified communications, desktop... continue reading this post »