4 Tips for Hiring Contact Center Agents

According to Customer.Think.com, once a job is posted, most responses from job candidates occur within 48 hours. On average, candidates who are qualified for a contact center position receive an average of two job offers and they stay on the job market for a max of five days. Employers have to filter out quality applicants quickly. (If you’re not seeing an influx of candidates, expand your reach - use additional resources to put the job posting in front of a broader audience.) Some people won’t...

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Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews Part III

Keeping employees engaged and motivated are the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a productive, effective contact center workforce.  Intelligent onboarding and consistent leadership are critical elements in the process. Some people in the industry also think of gamification as a powerful set of solutions to decrease turnover and improve productivity while others remain skeptical. In the next in our series of reports from Call Center Week, we offer perspectives from a pioneer...

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Myth or Fact? Shorter pre-hire testing time reduces the number of candidates who drop out of the process

Recently FurstPerson participated in the 2011 Customer Contact West Executive MindXChange hosted by Frost & Sullivan in San Diego, CA.  We led an interactive session, Separating Myth from Fact: Hiring for Peak Performance and Customer Satisfaction, which was the top rated session at the 2011 Customer Contact West event.  We wanted to share some of the content from the session with you via our blog series.  Last week, we presented data on candidate perception on the assessment experience.  You... continue reading this post »

Find and Fix Your Managerial Blind Spot

Earlier this month, in an eBroadcast coordinated with Frost & Sullivan, Keith Dawson, Frost’s Principal Analyst for Information and Communication Technologies, Mike Trotter, VP of Customer Experience at Vonage, and Jeff Furst, President and CEO of FurstPerson, discussed how leveraging the agent hiring process can lead to improved customer experience results.In part I today, we’ll highlight Keith Dawson’s comments and analysis. In part II, we’ll provide highlights of the conversation between Mike... continue reading this post »