Solution Providers Take a Closer Look at the Key Factors Governing the Adoption of Cloud Contact Center Technology

For most organizations, the key questions about moving their contact centers to the cloud are “When can we do it?” and “How can it best be accomplished?” as opposed to “Is it the right step?” But even in a business environment where companies are striving to meet rising customer expectations for responsive service on any channel they choose and looking to increase flexibility and agility, practical questions on logistics, costs and capabilities must be addressed before organizations make a...

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Your Personal Interaction Analytics Dictionary

Have you ever needed to buy a new computer, and thought you were pretty confident you could select one because you knew you wanted a 17” laptop, preferred a PC over a Mac, needed it to be compatible with a certain type external hard drive and would use it to suit your work and your kid’s gaming needs? So you march into your nearest electronics store sure that information would be enough to make the choice clear. However, when you get there, that isn’t the case. No problem, you’ll seek out the...

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SpeechTEK/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review- Part IV

In this final wrap-up of the New York events, we look at important product upgrades, find out how the latest co-browsing technology is impacting contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction, explore evolving customer preferences in mobile customer service and virtual assistants and delve into the latest progress in knowledge base solutions.

Infor announced its next-generation Infor Epiphany Digital Multi-channel Marketing Solutions 10.0.3.  The business application software supplier is...

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Call Center and CRM Best Practices

Debunking 5 Myths of Hosted Contact Centers

No Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) discussion is complete these days until someone touts the multiple benefits of moving applications to the cloud. It’s hard to ignore the promise of CAPEX and OPEX savings, especially when many businesses are still recovering from the economic crisis and searching for ways to provide additional value to their customers. But not all SaaS offerings are created equal. Some applications are a better fit for the cloud than...

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Call Center Week - Review of Solutions

The main topics of interest at the IQPC Call Center Week Las Vegas were ‘cloud’ and ‘multi-channel’.  Attendees were also concerned with the use of social media.

How customers connect to companies is evolving.  Customers want to connect on their own terms with the channel that suites them best.  Vendors are attempting to respond to the customer’s needs with a variety of new solutions.  Below is a recap of exciting technologies and solutions that were at the event.

360'CRM   is a full spectrum CRM...

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Call Center Home Agent Model

Over the last ten years, interest in remote agent contact center models has steadily increased. For example, attendance at the February 2012 Remote Agent Summit increased by 30% over 2011. And home agent models are not limited to the United States and Canada. Several firms are operating home agent models in Europe and a UK version of the US Remote Agent Summit is planned for July. Michele Rowan of At Home Customer Contacts which hosts the Remote Agent Summit and Workshops reports that:


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Additional Highlights from Call Center Week 2011

The following are some more information on the vendors who attended the IQPC event.   AnalyticsFor companies frustrated with isolated or disparate data sources, 360'CRM's latest advances in its InSight data analytics tool provides new levels of actionable information for the Call Center or Channel Management practitioner.  InSight not only automatically draws call center performance data in to a common, universally comparable dashboard and report analytics library, it also integrates...

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Call Center Week – June 2011

The staff of CRMXchange was present at the IQPC Las Vegas Call Center Week. IQPC did a commendable job with the content and speakers in the event. The exhibit hours were long, running close to 11 hours on day one, but the vendors were pleased with the amount of interest that people showed in their products and services. 

We traveled the exhibit hall. Below are some vendor highlights.


Contact Solutions – The Continuous Improvement Practice (CI) is based on a unique methodology...

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Top Workforce Shrinkage Offenders

When call center agents aren’t on the phones resolving customer issues and promoting your brand, they are busy with a whole host of other activities referred to as shrinkage.  Knowlagent recently conducted a survey of more than 100 industry leaders – across all types of call centers – to find out what activities make up shrinkage in their centers.According to the study, the average amount of an agent’s time spent in shrinkage is around 24%, or roughly one fourth of the work day.By types of calls... continue reading this post »

Best Practices for Selecting and Implementing Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Driven to rethink priorities over the last few years, business leaders have been forced to look for more cost-effective and flexible ways to acquire and update their contact center solutions. This has paved the way for the rise of the hosted or cloud-based contact center market. While most other technology segments lost momentum, this sector has grown rapidly over the last two years. End users are turning to hosted contact center solutions because it gives them flexible and scalable virtual ACDs...

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Hosted Contact Center

Prospects have many choices for hosted contact center infrastructure, and the increased competition has placed additional pressure on premise-based providers to be more responsive and cost effective. End users of all sizes, particularly in those in the 20 to 1,500 seat range, should explore all of their options for making acquisitions. DMG Consulting encourages end users to include hosted vendors in their selection process. This will increase choices while decreasing cost, as it will encourage... continue reading this post »

Riding the Seasonality Curve - Best Practices in Forecasting and Optimizing Strategic Plans and Staffing Decisions

The goal of the strategic/operational plan is to make sure the exact right amount of call center agents show up to work every Monday morning. There are methods of optimizing  the levers available to management- hiring, controllable shrinkage, overtime and undertime- so the long term goal is met every week.Other items to consider:• Seasonality of workforce forecasts, call center scheduling,  and the appropriate level of detail for each forecast• Methods for developing week over week... continue reading this post »

CRM Evolution and Speechtek 2010

The joint Speechtek/CRM Evolution conference offered attendees ideas, strategies, and technologies to help streamline business processes, improve customer satisfaction levels, and increase profitability.  Below is a review of just a few of the organizations we met with at the conference. West Interactive has been very busy this year with the acquisition of Holly Connects, a voice platform, and TuVox, an IVR hosting and managed services company.  The acquisitions round out West’s ability to let... continue reading this post »

Internal Monitoring Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Brand & Customer Experiences

Your company’s brand and reputation depend on your team’s ability to deliver a superior customer experience. Yet, people, processes and technology often conspire to create headaches for management and unsatisfactory interactions for customers.

Do these problems sound familiar? You receive calls from management demanding answers about why a host went down or why customer complaints are up. You may be  off for the  weekend but you still worry that a problem will not be detected as quickly as it...

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How Cloud-Based Contact Centers Minimize Risk and Increase Customer Satisfaction

In a recent Blog, we reviewed a report from Ovum that analyzed the growth of the hosted contact center market and ranked its leading vendors.

Today, we’ll look at a new white paper from Contactual, a global leader in hosted contact center technology, which concludes that rapid technological changes make on-premises contact centers obsolete soon after they are installed, and suggests how enterprises can eliminate capital expenditures, increase customer satisfaction and stay on the forefront of...

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