Exploring the cost of bad customer experiences

NewVoiceMedia recently uncovered new research findings that US businesses are losing $41 billion of revenue each year as customers switch due to poor service. And with a third of consumers leveraging their online presence following an inadequate experience, the true cost could be far greater, since this doesn’t account for the significant impact of negative word of mouth.

Consumers are heading online more than ever to read about others’ experiences before choosing a product or supplier, and...

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SpeechTEK/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review- Part IV

In this final wrap-up of the New York events, we look at important product upgrades, find out how the latest co-browsing technology is impacting contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction, explore evolving customer preferences in mobile customer service and virtual assistants and delve into the latest progress in knowledge base solutions.

Infor announced its next-generation Infor Epiphany Digital Multi-channel Marketing Solutions 10.0.3.  The business application software supplier is...

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Increase Your Contact Center ROI with Great Customer Service


When guests enter your home, the goal is to make them feel comfortable enough to stay—so that the next time they come, they feel even more at ease. These interactions should grow with time, so that eventually each guest feels completely relaxed in your space.

Your contact center is no different. And if you intend to increase your ROI, it is important to think of your long run as well as short term interactions. The intention is to keep a customer coming back for life as repeat business is the...

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What's New at Call Center Week 2013


Acknowledged as one of the industry’s influential events, Call Center Week took place in Las Vegas June 10-14. Approximately 1,500 contact center professionals (including expert personnel over 125 exhibitors) convened at Caesars Palace to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities in the field, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad range of industries.  Multi-channel solutions, analytics, voice of the customer measurement, mobile...

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Eliminate Callbacks and Restarts - A Sure Fire Way to Lower Customer Effort

Customer Effort Score (CES) is the new hot metric for customer service. (CES) has been widely discussed since the HBR Article, Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers (July, 2010), where Customer Effort Score was touted as being a better predictor of customer loyalty than Net Promoter Score or First Contact Resolution. While CES is an important metric and arguably the best metric to focus your service operation, there is no such thing as a “magic metric”. Getting results from implementing CES...

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Contact Center and CRM Best Proacticx


Achieve Better Performance Results with SharePoint


Contact centers utilizing SharePoint demonstrate significant efficiency gains, In a a recent report published by Aberdeen Research, “The 2012 Guide on Building a Next Generation Contact Center through Microsoft SharePoint,” some of the advantages outlined include:

* 43% better results in first call resolution rate

* 16% greater agent utilization results, which on average translates into approximately $1,872 in incremental annual cost per agent


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Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

What Has Your Quality Monitoring Program Done for You Lately

How do you translate voice recordings into real-time business intelligence? While most contact centers actively record customer interactions, this data is useless until it has been analyzed – a process that can be time-intensive, inefficient and overwhelming. At best, most supervisors have the capacity to analyze only a fraction of the actual data collected.

Learn how to do more with the data you have. This white paper from Aspect...

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The Five Fundamentals of a Successful FCR Program

FCR is one of the best ways to measure the overall performance of your contact center. It tells you how well your service organization handles customer requests the first time. Experts agree that it’s the only true metric that delivers a clear measurement of organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. When companies improve their FCR, they also lower their costs, improve their customer and agent retention, and increase their revenue.

Given the importance of FCR and the benefits it...

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Call Center Week - Review of Solutions

The main topics of interest at the IQPC Call Center Week Las Vegas were ‘cloud’ and ‘multi-channel’.  Attendees were also concerned with the use of social media.

How customers connect to companies is evolving.  Customers want to connect on their own terms with the channel that suites them best.  Vendors are attempting to respond to the customer’s needs with a variety of new solutions.  Below is a recap of exciting technologies and solutions that were at the event.

360'CRM   is a full spectrum CRM...

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Insights on Contact Center Agent Productivity

 Benchmark research carried out by Ventana Research shows that contact center executives and managers are under pressure to provide the best possible customer service while staying within tight operational budgets. At the same time centers are receiving ever more inbound calls and responding to other types of interactions such as email messages and chat sessions. To demonstrate success, managers must improve the key performance metrics on which they are assessed, especially customer satisfaction...

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Basic Featured of Unified Desktop

Features commonly provided by unified desktop solutions are as follows:

Single login/logout - Once the agent logs into the application they have unified access to multiple applications. There is no need to log in and out to access data bases or other applications.

Pre-populated screen pops - Unified desktops rely on the CRM as well as other sources, such as IVR entries and data gleaned from enterprise data bases to fully populate screens before the agent takes the call. All unified desktops pop...

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Unified Desktop

These devices are variously called, "smart desktops," "intelligent desktops," "universal desktops," and "unified desktops."  However, all these products seek to condense required call processing information onto a single desktop application and organize the sequencing of screens to coincide with workflow. For ease of communication we will use the term "unified desktops."Demand for these products is still in the formative stages but growing rapidly. Behind the interest is the same fundamental...

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Additional Highlights from Call Center Week 2011

The following are some more information on the vendors who attended the IQPC event.   AnalyticsFor companies frustrated with isolated or disparate data sources, 360'CRM's latest advances in its InSight data analytics tool provides new levels of actionable information for the Call Center or Channel Management practitioner.  InSight not only automatically draws call center performance data in to a common, universally comparable dashboard and report analytics library, it also integrates...

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Call Center Week – June 2011

The staff of CRMXchange was present at the IQPC Las Vegas Call Center Week. IQPC did a commendable job with the content and speakers in the event. The exhibit hours were long, running close to 11 hours on day one, but the vendors were pleased with the amount of interest that people showed in their products and services. 

We traveled the exhibit hall. Below are some vendor highlights.


Contact Solutions – The Continuous Improvement Practice (CI) is based on a unique methodology...

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Consumer Channel Preference Survey

NICE Systemsrecently conducted a Consumer Channel Preference Survey on the communications channels preferred by consumers when contacting business and service providers. The survey reveals that the role of the contact center is evolving to "Tier 2" status, that is - for taking care of escalated service requests that were not addressed by other channels such as the web or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This change in consumer behavior reflects the importance and strategic role that the contact... continue reading this post »