Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews Part III

Keeping employees engaged and motivated are the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a productive, effective contact center workforce.  Intelligent onboarding and consistent leadership are critical elements in the process. Some people in the industry also think of gamification as a powerful set of solutions to decrease turnover and improve productivity while others remain skeptical. In the next in our series of reports from Call Center Week, we offer perspectives from a pioneer...

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Meeting the Challenges of Omnichannel Customer Experience Requires the Marriage of People and Technology

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual

I have yet to have anyone involved with customer service and support try to convince me that providing successful omnichannel customer engagement is easy. The fact of the matter is that it can be extremely difficult and full of challenges. Even organisations with the best intentions can struggle without the proper strategy in place.

This was a common theme that ran through CRMXchange’s Tech Tank Roundtable on IVR and Self-Service held on 17 June....

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3 Technologies to Improve the Call Center

Accomplishing more with less - both less time and less money - is the key to running a successful call center. Fortunately, there are many technologies that can help your call center to achieve more productivity in a reduced amount of time while costing less money overall. There are two steps to this process: utilizing your current tools smarter, and investing in technologies that will improve service.

1. Call-Back

Decreasing or even eliminating hold times is on every call center’s list of high...

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Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews - Part II

One of the key measurements of success in any contact center environment is achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction. Businesses are increasing their use of sophisticated knowledge management tools, behavioral analytics, and contact center technologies to better engage their customers while improving agent performance and productivity.  Companies are seeking solutions that offer ease of implementation, flexibility and the potential for rapid ROI.  In this report on emerging...

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Call Center Week - Review and Interviews - Part 1

Call Center Week, widely recognized as one of the industry’s most comprehensive educational and product information events, continued its pattern of growth in 2014.  The event took place in Las Vegas June 9-13, with approximately 1,500 call center professionals, including experts from more than 150 exhibitors gathering at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad...

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How Close Are You To Your Customer

(Today's Article was guest written by Dr. Michael Rothschild who works for NICE Systems. NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to take the next best action in order to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets.)

Recently my travels took me to a small town in New England that looked like it was a Norman Rockwell picture that came to life....

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Formal vs. Informal Customer Service: Which Voice is Best to Use?

For people who’ve been in the business world for a long time, it’s tempting to stick with straightforward, professional business speak. Unfortunately, when it comes to working with customers, this type of frank speech can harm your business more than help it. How do you know when to remain proper and when to loosen up a bit? It’s all about being in tune with your industry and your customer.

Parrot Their Speaking Style

How is the customer speaking (or e-mailing)? Are they loud and boisterous, quiet...

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Channel Confusion: Why Leading Brands Are Failing CX Act’s Customer Service Stress Test

In 2014 you’d think businesses would know better, particularly the top brands in major consumer marketplace categories.  By now, they’d have to be aware that just delivering effective service on the phone is not enough and that when customers become frustrated in their efforts to gain assistance on other channels, they’re less likely to do business with your company.

But when customer experience improvement firm CX Act, Inc.,formerly TARP Worldwide, conducted a series of studies to examine...

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How Mobile Devices Are Changing the World of Customer Service

Today, it’s not just your website that has to be able to adapt to mobile customers - it’s your customer service, too. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have allowed businesses to try out tailored, personal marketing - and it’s working. Mobile marketing isn’t exactly one-on-one, which would be practically impossible for big business, but it is business-to-niche. This type of outreach helps a business learn more about its customers while increasing engagement.

Fishing in a Smaller Pool

With mo...

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4 Contact Center Myths

Misconceptions about contact centers can get in the way of customer experience. In order to deliver the best service possible, management has to be clear about the benefits of call centers while dispelling these four common myths.

Myth #1: Contact Center Agents Don’t Actually Care About Customer Service

Since agents are the first people who customers talk to when they have a problem, it’s understandable that they’re also the first blamed. In truth, contact center reps are just as invested in the...

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Automation and the Human Touch

A common criticism of automated systems, including intelligent virtual agents, is that they remove human interaction and provide a cold, robot-like experience. So when I came across an article titled The Human Touch of Automation: A Customer Experience Experience, it immediately caught my eye.

In the article, the author shares his experience with a table-top kiosk at a chain restaurant that gave diners the option to order beverages and appetizers, play games and listen to music, and pay their...

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Why So Many Businesses Fail at Customer Service

Today’s world of marketing calls for old school, traditional principles applied in new school, technological ways. That means the same attention has to be paid to customer service as it was before, but now it has to be exercised online. Learn how to keep your business afloat by finding out what far too many businesses are doing wrong.

1. The Customer Service Team is Unfit

From the start, reps should be trained well and feel empowered. Every employee needs to know the ins and outs of the...

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How to Provide 24-Hour Customer Service and Still Stay Sane

The Internet never sleeps, which is lucky for your customers but not so fortunate for you, the business owner (or manager, or person in charge of customer service). Around-the-clock availability is a huge responsibility! Plus, if it’s not utilized correctly, you could wind up losing customers. How do you appear reachable without losing sleep or quality of life? By following a few cardinal rules of customer service in the always-awake Internet world.

Answer Questions Before They’re Asked

Take note...

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Consumer Opinion Can Make or Break Your Brand

 Guest Blog Post By: Kristin Muhlner, CEO, newBrandAnalytics,

Two key actions are imperative to improve your customer relations – listen and engage with your customers. Social media is the natural channel for both. We are living in the age of the consumer, and retailers need to take action to maximize brand loyalty and ensure positive customer experiences.  Identify customer complaints through social channels and resolve those issues by implementing suggestions posed through customer feedback.


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Around-the-Clock Customer Service: Why It’s Becoming More Essential to Your Success

Quality managers know that keeping customers waiting isn’t good for business. Time-sensitive industries have to be available at all times, but even companies that don’t require immediacy have customers who want answers now instead of later. Since the Internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your business’ customer service should be available around-the-clock as well.

Instantaneous Assistance is Expected

Certain things have specific, understandable deadlines: your pizza will be delivered...

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