5 Fresh Customer Service Strategies

Do you want your customers to think of your business as a breath of fresh air? The trick to providing “original” customer service is upgrading 'older' ideas and actually carrying through on them.

1. Resolve Customer Problems at Their First Point of Contact

In theory, a chain of command makes sense, but being passed along to various representatives is frustrating to say the least. Authorize your customer service reps to solve problems. Live chat, virtual characters, and virtual call-back support is...

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5 Components that Every CRM Training Program Needs

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a system that was put in place to give companies more flexibility with the interactions that they have with customers. Simply put, it's a software platform that removes some of the more tedious interactions and streamlines the customer service experience.


Understanding CRM


CRM is flexible enough to be used by any industry and for any company. Research has shown that CRM usage has increased from 56% in 2012 to 74% in 2013 alone. It manages data like...

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Contact Center Workforce Management

Maintaining a consistent working environment helps to provide dependable service to customers while supporting a stronger productive attitude. Managing your workforce uses key fundamental principles that other human resource programs utilize; however, these principles have been adjusted to apply better in scenarios specific for contact centers. Identifying employee challenges provides key information for building a strong, grounded strategy for unexpected situations.

Employee Talents

It is...

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Solution Providers Take a Closer Look at the Key Factors Governing the Adoption of Cloud Contact Center Technology

For most organizations, the key questions about moving their contact centers to the cloud are “When can we do it?” and “How can it best be accomplished?” as opposed to “Is it the right step?” But even in a business environment where companies are striving to meet rising customer expectations for responsive service on any channel they choose and looking to increase flexibility and agility, practical questions on logistics, costs and capabilities must be addressed before organizations make a...

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Tools for Improving Workforce Optimization

In order to achieve and take your business to higher levels, you need to improve workforce optimization. What is workforce optimization? It is the compilation of workforce management, quality, and performance using management tools to benefit your business. So how do you do this within your business? Here are a few ways to start:

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A Virtual Contact Center: Good for Business, Good for Customers and Good for Employees

What strategies does your company have to retain its customers? In most cases, your response will include a variation of employing the use of a proactive relationship management system as well as outstanding customer service. But, is your company keeping up with the expanding virtual world while constantly meeting increased customer expectations? Mobility has become a necessity for companies, employees and customers, alike, and virtual contact centers   have evolved to assist companies in...

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Quality Assurance For Contact Centers Improves Customer Outcomes

Quality assurance is a significant component of every product and service to ensure continuous success of the business.  However, ensuring that customers are receiving outstanding service from contact center agents can be a cumbersome responsibility.

The first step begins at the hiring and training stage. Evaluating potential candidates for essential customer service skills can be assessed through a readiness questionnaire or workforce tools to ensure interviewees are highly motivated and...

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Workforce Optimization: Aligning Employee Perception with Customer Satisfaction

It is no secret that two of the most important parts of any organization are its customers and the employees. Understanding the views and aligning the perceptions of these two groups is critical to customer retention and the longevity of the company. Closing the disconnect between employees and customers is a huge factor in placing a company above its competition. How can workforce optimization and customer service goals be aligned?

Advocates vs. Trouble-Shooters

Organizational culture plays a...

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What's New at Call Center Week 2013


Acknowledged as one of the industry’s influential events, Call Center Week took place in Las Vegas June 10-14. Approximately 1,500 contact center professionals (including expert personnel over 125 exhibitors) convened at Caesars Palace to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities in the field, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad range of industries.  Multi-channel solutions, analytics, voice of the customer measurement, mobile...

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Four Types of Emplyees That Cost You Money

If you’re managing a large or distributed workforce, are you asking yourself “what are my people doing all day?” In many cases, the answer is that people aren’t doing what they should. Some workers are performing below, and sometimes substantially below, their potential. Perhaps they don’t know the best way to do the job. Maybe they’re just working to a target and then slacking off once they hit it. To get the most from your employees, you need visibility into what they are doing. But getting...

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Coaching in the Contact Center

Coaching is as much a critical process in today’s contact centers as workforce management, quality monitoring, and call routing.  Agents need feedback and goals to improve and succeed, and it is the supervisor’s role as a coach to manage and deliver that performance guidance. Unfortunately, in many contact centers today, coaching is not managed with strategy and rigor or treated as a first-class process. Often, the supervisor-agent relationship is broken, jeopardizing the success of...

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Making the Most of Workforce Optimization:An Agent Lifecycle Approach

Many customer contact organizations have implemented Workforce Optimization (WFO) As an operational strategy to improve the performance of customer care professionals once they are on the contact center floor.

However, an agent’s relationship with a company begins well before he or she handles their first interaction. Therefore, a sound WFO practice starts well before then with the recruitment and hiring of agents who demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities to be successful.  A new HireIQ...

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Yahoo! to working from home

A couple of weeks ago, a leaked memo revealed that tech giant Yahoo had decided to end its remote working policy. The move has certainly rattled the cages of employees and commentators alike. Forbes called it an ‘epic fail’ – even Richard Branson waded into the kerfuffle.

And the debate rumbles on. For in the greatest age of flexible working, powered by conveniences like the cloud, why expect people to be tied to an office?

Sure, an office environment can’t be beaten for building a culture and...

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Metrics of the most customer-centric contact centres

By Greg Levin

True contact centre success comes when organisations make the critical switch from a ‘measure everything that moves’ mind-set to one of ‘measure what matters most’. Given that we are now living in the Age of Customer Influence, ‘what matters most’ is that which most increases the likelihood of the customer not telling the world how evil you are via Twitter.

No longer can companies coast on Average Handle Time (AHT) and Number of Calls Handled per Hour. Such metrics may have ruled...

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Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

Using Workforce Productivity Solutions and Practices to Turn the Contact Center into a Profit Center

The traditional view of the contact center as a cost center that needs to be managed solely for efficiency is outmoded. For your company to remain competitive, your contact center has to go beyond cost savings and evolve into a revenue contributor.

The enormous potential of the contact center as a tool to build customer loyalty, win new customers, and increase revenue has now been recognized by...

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