2015 is Going to be a Great Year for Contact Centers

The article below is a reprint from the December DMG Consulting, LLC The Real-Time Contact Center Newsletter.

"Here are 4 hot contact center trends that are expected to attract substantial investments during 2015. All of these trends will make substantial contributions to their enterprises, customers and employees.

1.Cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions - The contact center infrastructure (automatic call distributor (ACD) and dialer) market has changed dramatically. Companies are no...

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7 Best Practices for Contact Centers

There’s a big difference between an average contact center and a world class one, much of which has to do with First Call Resolution (FCR). The following best practices can help take your call center from great to top notch.

1. Return on Investment (ROI) Awareness

What happens if a problem isn’t solved during the customer’s first contact? Not only can this affect operational savings, but the customer could stop doing business with the company altogether. The cost of not effectively managing FCR is...

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5 Reasons Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics

When asked about their experience with the customer service of companies, only seven percent of consumers responded that they have received service that surpassed their expectations. Meanwhile, 26 percent report having had to deal with being passed between agents with ultimately no resolution to their original problem.

That is abysmal.

It is also perilous, considering that it takes 12 positive service experiences to compensate for just one negative experience, and is 6 to 7 times more costly to...

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Quality Assurance For Contact Centers Improves Customer Outcomes

Quality assurance is a significant component of every product and service to ensure continuous success of the business.  However, ensuring that customers are receiving outstanding service from contact center agents can be a cumbersome responsibility.

The first step begins at the hiring and training stage. Evaluating potential candidates for essential customer service skills can be assessed through a readiness questionnaire or workforce tools to ensure interviewees are highly motivated and...

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SpeechTEK/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review - Part III

Are businesses doing all they can to ensure that their technology investment is well spent? How can virtual agents become important contributors to voice-of-the customer feedback? Is visual IVR the future of customer engagement? What speech, language and voice technology solutions are making a difference in the marketplace? Find out answers to these questions as we continue to review companies who were making news at the New York event.

Empirix At a time where companies are making major...

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PCI DSS Compliance and Call Recording


A couple of weeks ago, Aberdeen Group’s Omar Minkara wrote about the risks of call recording in the contact center, offering tips to help ensure PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. He raised some critical issues, ones that anyone involved in the contact center should not only be aware of – but vigilant in protecting against.

Call recording, as a critical element of contact center Quality Assurance programs, provides cloud-based contact centers the ability to...

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Beyond Call Recording

Analyzing business calls to find the “voice” of customers is becoming standard business practice among companies of all sizes and industries, and within contact centers. More and more, simply recording calls and monitoring a sample with a goal toward “quality assurance” is becoming an inadequate process in the face of the growing trend to respond to the dynamic and fluid wants and needs of a business’ customer base.  Business owners and managers are realizing that the conversations taking place...

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Revolutionizing QA with Speech Analytics

Quality assurance (QA) is a mission-critical business function that identifies contact center and enterprise trends, and provides insights into how well each agent is performing. For the past 30 years QA has been performed in contact centers around the world in basically the same way. Managers search through volumes of recordings to find the 10% to 20% of calls that require attention, either because they are really bad or really good. If a call is bad, the QA specialist or supervisor must...

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Secrets to Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics

Join The Virtual Contact Center Conference - Best Practices in Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics - June 12 -14.  Network wtih peers, attend live sessions, visit the 24 hour exhibit hall.


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Insights on Contact Center Agent Productivity

 Benchmark research carried out by Ventana Research shows that contact center executives and managers are under pressure to provide the best possible customer service while staying within tight operational budgets. At the same time centers are receiving ever more inbound calls and responding to other types of interactions such as email messages and chat sessions. To demonstrate success, managers must improve the key performance metrics on which they are assessed, especially customer satisfaction...

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Contact Center QA Calibration

Calibrating contact center quality assurance (QA) performance is a key practice for ensuring agents are delivering on their organizations’ promises to provide excellent customer care and service.

Calibrating contact handling evaluations to an excellence standard prevents them from being politicized by evaluator preference or prejudice. Failure to calibrate the evaluation process can be detrimental to organizations’ strategic goals of attaining advantage and differentiation through customer care...

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Speech Analytics and a Unified Analytics Strategy for Workforce Optimization

Analytics applications are deployed in a number of functions and departments within the enterprise, and for a number of requirements in service operations. It is as critical to sales optimization in the marketing department, for example, as it is to performance optimization in the contact center. As a result, analytics often performs in a cross-functional capacity, typically without the benefit of coordination among users.

In the contact center, “cross-functional” may be narrowly defined as...

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Capturing the Voice of the Customer

Quality Monitoring has been a cornerstone of contact center operations for more than 30 years. It has served organizations well as a method of managing agent performance, while driving gains in operational efficiency and service delivery. However, while the traditional quality assurance (QA) process has been effective to this point, organizations are finding that QA alone is no longer enough. This traditional process makes significant assumptions on what customers really want and appreciate and... continue reading this post »

Call Center Week – June 2011

The staff of CRMXchange was present at the IQPC Las Vegas Call Center Week. IQPC did a commendable job with the content and speakers in the event. The exhibit hours were long, running close to 11 hours on day one, but the vendors were pleased with the amount of interest that people showed in their products and services. 

We traveled the exhibit hall. Below are some vendor highlights.


Contact Solutions – The Continuous Improvement Practice (CI) is based on a unique methodology...

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How to Improve Business Results with Engaged Employees

Your customers are coming to you via an variety of   channels.  As a result, every employee is now customer facing — either directly or indirectly — and distinctions between the frontoffice and back office are blurring.  With many more channels coming to the multi channel contact center, and a much more dispersed workforce, organizations today are forced to manage a dizzying array of customer service systems, customer touch points and customer-related tasks.

The question is, how do you make sure...

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