SpeechTEK/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review: Part 4

In this final wrap-up of the New York events, we review new developments from several key solution providers.

CorvisaCloud is within a few weeks of releasing its cloud contact center platform as a standalone solution. It has been part of the CorvisaOne suite, but will now be available as a “true PaaS (platform as a service) which offers an infrastructure and testing framework that will enable companies that use it to write their own code and be done,” according to Matt Lautz, President and CIO of...

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SpeechTek/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review - Part 1

Improving Customer Service by Looking at it From the Customer’s Perspective

At the heart of the customer experience is the actual customer and everything he or she encounters in trying to find information, complete a transaction or resolve an issue. At the 2014 SpeechTEK, CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience event, which was held in New York August 18-20, one common theme was the need for organizations to better understand the customer journey from the customer’s point of view. Companies...

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Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews Part III

Keeping employees engaged and motivated are the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a productive, effective contact center workforce.  Intelligent onboarding and consistent leadership are critical elements in the process. Some people in the industry also think of gamification as a powerful set of solutions to decrease turnover and improve productivity while others remain skeptical. In the next in our series of reports from Call Center Week, we offer perspectives from a pioneer...

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Call Center Week - Reviews and Interviews - Part II

One of the key measurements of success in any contact center environment is achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction. Businesses are increasing their use of sophisticated knowledge management tools, behavioral analytics, and contact center technologies to better engage their customers while improving agent performance and productivity.  Companies are seeking solutions that offer ease of implementation, flexibility and the potential for rapid ROI.  In this report on emerging...

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Call Center Week - Review and Interviews - Part 1

Call Center Week, widely recognized as one of the industry’s most comprehensive educational and product information events, continued its pattern of growth in 2014.  The event took place in Las Vegas June 9-13, with approximately 1,500 call center professionals, including experts from more than 150 exhibitors gathering at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad...

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Understanding the Current Retail Customer Service Landscape

Retailers striving to remain competitive in the fast-paced world of ecommerce see heavy demands placed on their IT infrastructures 24/7, as consumers want online channels to be constantly available for business. But while many inventory management and shipment processes can be easily automated, the human element remains a key factor in ecommerce service strategies as live representatives are also expected to be at the ready with tailored responses and a friendly disposition. Because many online...

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The C-SAT Paradox

What Customer Satisfaction Scores Really Mean in a Self-Service Focused World


As websites become more sophisticated and self-service options are continually improved upon, the idea is that fewer customers will need to call, chat or email in for assistance.  We know that consumers, particularly in younger generations, prefer to do things on their own, to find their own answers and solve their own problems using online resources on their own time.  Companies have focused a great deal on optimizing...

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Quality Assurance For Contact Centers Improves Customer Outcomes

Quality assurance is a significant component of every product and service to ensure continuous success of the business.  However, ensuring that customers are receiving outstanding service from contact center agents can be a cumbersome responsibility.

The first step begins at the hiring and training stage. Evaluating potential candidates for essential customer service skills can be assessed through a readiness questionnaire or workforce tools to ensure interviewees are highly motivated and...

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Increase Your Contact Center ROI with Great Customer Service


When guests enter your home, the goal is to make them feel comfortable enough to stay—so that the next time they come, they feel even more at ease. These interactions should grow with time, so that eventually each guest feels completely relaxed in your space.

Your contact center is no different. And if you intend to increase your ROI, it is important to think of your long run as well as short term interactions. The intention is to keep a customer coming back for life as repeat business is the...

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What's New at Call Center Week 2013


Acknowledged as one of the industry’s influential events, Call Center Week took place in Las Vegas June 10-14. Approximately 1,500 contact center professionals (including expert personnel over 125 exhibitors) convened at Caesars Palace to exchange ideas, explore emerging technologies, hear from leading authorities in the field, and discuss what’s working in contact centers across a broad range of industries.  Multi-channel solutions, analytics, voice of the customer measurement, mobile...

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Big Data Analytics in the Contact Center.

In today’s highly competitive consumer marketplaces, effective customer engagement becomes the key differentiator that can separate an organization from the pack and enable it to quickly win market share over domestic and international competitors. Having the capability to quickly respond to marketplace forces and impactful events to deliver performance improvement is critical to immediate and long-term success.

As companies face commoditization of their product and service offerings, they need...

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Metrics of the most customer-centric contact centres

By Greg Levin

True contact centre success comes when organisations make the critical switch from a ‘measure everything that moves’ mind-set to one of ‘measure what matters most’. Given that we are now living in the Age of Customer Influence, ‘what matters most’ is that which most increases the likelihood of the customer not telling the world how evil you are via Twitter.

No longer can companies coast on Average Handle Time (AHT) and Number of Calls Handled per Hour. Such metrics may have ruled...

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CRM Auditing: What You Need to Know


While it’s easy to decide your CRM software is no longer suiting your needs, it’s not easy to implement an entirely new system. However, proper CRM software is critical for any customer care team or call center, whether in-house or outsourced. 

So, instead of jumping ahead of yourself, it may be smart to perform some auditing on the software to determine the root cause of your CRM problems in the first place. Some potential problems include:

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Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

The Value in Naysayer Feedback - Actionable Steps to Improve Customer Experience for Contact Centers

While the call center has many metrics for determining success, the overall customer experience has the biggest impact on your bottom line, yet it is also one of the most difficult metrics to measure. Fortunately, your customers don’t think in terms of metrics. The only thing that matters to them is that they have a positive experience. Take FCR as an example: there are many ways to measure FCR,...

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Three Benefits to a Classroom Style Call Center Layout

Recently we have noticed a new call center layout trend from several of our customers: classroom style layouts for their agent workstations.  Since Interior Concepts is fortunate enough to work with contact centers from across the county, we have a unique opportunity to identify call center trends.  This layout has three benefits for contact centers.

The first benefit is visibility.  The classroom style layout allows supervisors to easily see all agents.  This setup also allows agents to face the...

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