Eight Trends for Contact Centers in 2013

Interior Concepts has a dedicated team that works with individuals in the contact center industry on a daily basis. These close interactions allow us to keep up to speed regarding changing market conditions and trends. Click the links to see virtual tours of successful contact center installations for NOVO 1 and OLC Global.

A new Interior Concepts white paper, Eight Trends for Contact Centers in 2013, focuses on eight trends to keep in mind when you build or retrofit your contact center this...

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Call Center Furniture: Maximize Space & Agent Productivity

During Call Center Week, June 5-7th, 2012, Interior Concepts will be participating in the LIVE DEMO DRIVE that will take place on June 7th, which means we will be running a live demo of our products for the first 15 minutes of the morning break.

The  title of our quick presentation will be How to Maximize Space & Agent Productivity When Updating Your Call Center Furniture. If you won't be attending the show, here is a preview of our presentation and some quick design tips to keep in mind when...

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Additional Highlights from Call Center Week 2011

The following are some more information on the vendors who attended the IQPC event.   AnalyticsFor companies frustrated with isolated or disparate data sources, 360'CRM's latest advances in its InSight data analytics tool provides new levels of actionable information for the Call Center or Channel Management practitioner.  InSight not only automatically draws call center performance data in to a common, universally comparable dashboard and report analytics library, it also integrates...

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Learn About Ergonomics in the Contact Center

CRMXchange recently launched a two-podcast series by Interior Concepts featuring ergonomics in the call center. Discussion topics include ergonomic injury statistics, employee productivity, turnover reduction, and a case study review.

First, what is ergonomics in the contact center? Essentially, call centers ergonomics means designing the workplace to maximize productivity, and to reduce user fatigue and discomfort. This includes furniture and workstation design and meeting the government...

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Six Steps to Designing a More Efficient Contact Center Site

Interior Concepts recommends six critical steps to designing a more efficient call center site. A summary of the steps are below – a full white paper, outlining each step can be found on CRMXchange. Step 1: Efficiently fill your space by maximizing all available square footage. Step 2: Be aware of how the power and data will run through the furniture.Select a furniture system with a large, easy to use wire management system. An easy to use wire Step 3: Work with a company that has experience...

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3D Virtual Product Tours Now Available

Interior Concepts uses the latest technology to manufacture their call center furniture and is now able to offer 3D Virtual Product Tours of their workstations. This past year Interior Concepts was recognized as the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year for a Small Company.  The award, organized by Managing Automation Media, a Thomas Publishing Company, LLC publication, recognizes outstanding innovation

How it WorksInterior Concepts works with call centers to maximize their space and build...

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Ditch Your Chair to Get Healthier

Sit to Stand WorkstationBeing a call center furniture manufacturer, we have noticed many recent articles that explain the negative impacts that sitting all day has on the body. This impacts everyone that spends most of their day at a computer, including most people in the call center industry, and especially agents.

The industry as a whole has a huge investment in the people manning their centers, so we wanted to point out a few articles that look into the negative impact of spending the entire day sitting, and...

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Trends in Contact Center Floor Plan Design

Concave WorksurfacesAs in all industries, the needs and trends of contact centers change. Keeping your center up to date on the latest design trends can make your contact center a more desirable place to work. Below a few trends are noted to help your design your center.A few trends in bullpen cubicles design is that the most popular workstation width is now around 42” wide, though a 45” wide workstation is popular as well. Regarding panel heights, 42”-55” are generally the most popular. A panel height of 42"...

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Keep Employees Informed Through Strategic Call Center Furnishing

Call Centers are fast paced environments and though they have a highly structured operating environment, constant change is the norm.  It is important to keep agents up to date and aware of these changes. This can be achieved using strategic furnishings to increase communication throughout the call center.

Bullpen Cubicle PanelsWorkstations are available in a variety of panel materials. Tackable panels, for example, allow items to be tacked onto the workstation panel multiple times and in...

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Economical Training Room Solution

Tables powered by Connect2Interior Concepts Connect2 Powered TablesIn training rooms, computers are often housed on tables, leaving a mess of cables and cords. For a more functional solution considered powered tables for training spaces.A powered table is an economical power solution that is easy to install and reconfigure. Tables powered by Connect2 do not require hardwiring to building power. The system does require connection to a 20-Amp Plus (5-20 T-Slot or 5-20) and 6 tables and be connected per power feed. The power on the tables... continue reading this post »

How to Purchase Durable Call Center Cubicles

How to Purchase Durable Call Center Cubicles

There are many considerations when purchasing call center furniture, in particular cubicles, which range from design, space utilization, ergonomics, durability, and warranty. The call center space needs to be warm and inviting, ergonomically friendly, and designed to last.

Specifically, durability is important because call center agents handle a steady stream of incoming phone calls and emails, meaning that they rarely have a chance to step away from...

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10 Quick Ergonomic Tips that You Can Start Using Now

If you're reading this blog, then you are most likely sitting at a computer. And if you're like me, that's where you spend many hours each day. As a company, since we are in the furniture industry, and especially the call center furniture market, we are very conscious about ergonomics because we know first hand that incorporating ergonomics into a call center furniture system can help employees stay comfortable (thus more productive) throughout the day. StretchNot only do we promote ergonomics to our... continue reading this post »

Greening of the Contact Center - Go Green With Call Center Furniture

When furnishing your call center, certain call center cubicles and call center furniture can help in the 'greening' of the contact center. Here's how. MAS certified GreenLEED StandardsSelecting MAS Certified Green call center cubicles and other furniture can help to create a greener call center. MAS Certified Green furniture meets the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) indoor air quality standards after rigorous product testing. It is approved as a low-emitting furniture system by compliance with...

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Save Money on Call Center Wiring and Cabling

Installation of voice and data cabling can be a significant cost when building or designing a call center. Selecting a call center furniture system with an easy to use wire management system can significantly lower the cabling installation costs, as well as make it easier for IT to update or change components down the road. The Interior Concepts furniture system utilizes a Chase Wire Management System. The Chase system is hidden behind sliding doors and has more cable capacity compared to other... continue reading this post »

Spring Color Trend for 2010: Turquoise Call Center Furniture?

Turquoise FurnitureInterior design color trends often follow fashion trends, so colors that you see on the runways in the spring will soon be seen in trendy home stores and maybe even in your office. Since colors influence interior design, this will lead to complementing and coordination of the furnishings. Thankfully, more and more people selecting furnishings for call center and office spaces look to current design trends and outside of the traditional (and slightly boring) all gray color schemes of the past.



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