What Makes a Millennial Contact Center Agent Tick?

The latest generation entering the workforce brings a new energy to the contact center, which also brings new challenges to the table for call center management.  But this generation also represents the new social customer, so understanding what makes them “tick” can provide invaluable insight into what motivates your customers.

Donna Fluss, a recognized thought leader and innovator in contact center and real-time analytics, will join Knowlagent CEO, Matt  McConnell,  for an interactive webinar on how to play to the strengths of Gen Y agents. They will disucss how to harness the strength of Gen Y by:

    Improving overall performance through positive, constructive and timely feedback
    Adopting workforce management tactics that balance center and agent needs
    Improving operational efficiencies by utilizing the latest technologies

Donna is also the newest member of the Knowlagent Productivity Plus Panel, a Knowlagent  created panel for contact center industry experts from around the world to share tips, tricks and techniques to help call center leaders improve productivity and increase revenue in their own centers.

As founder and president of DMG Consulting – the leading provider of contact center and analytics research, market analysis and consulting – Donna has spent 25 years helping end-users build world-class contact centers and vendors develop high-value solutions for the market.


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